5 Things Every Agency Should Do (But Doesn’t!)

As an education consultant, you have a million things to do each day. Helping students and closing those sales can be overwhelming, even more so when you have a team to manage. There are some generic business tools out there, but nothing ever seems perfect for what you have to do every day.

What is the difference between an agency that’s just surviving and an agency that’s growing? Growing agencies continuously adapt and find new ways to do things better. We call them supercharged agencies, because they are working more efficiently every day.

Here are 5 things that you can do to supercharge your agency right away.

1. Start tracking metrics to gain business insights.

How do your sales in April this year compare to the sales in April last year and even the year before that? This is something critical to business but most agencies end up neglecting it. Same goes for keeping track of your sales reps; what’s their closing rate on students? What kind of targets should you set for them based on past performances? You’re probably tracking your sales numbers already, but digging deeper into the health of your organization will be a game-changer.

2. Automate your enrolment forms.

Every time you manually fill out a form, not only is it wasting your time, it also makes it easier for you to make a mistake. Schools are happy to accept any organized, clean application form as long as it has all the key information on it. Use a tool to automatically generate enrolment forms, invoice, quotes and contact information, etc, to avoid wasting time and making mistakes on paperwork.

3. Organize all your lead and client information in one place.

If you’re still using an Excel sheet or paper folders to keep track of your clients, you’re missing out on the efficiency of a CRM (Customer relationship management tool). When choosing a CRM, it’s important to find one that fits your needs (because there are SO many!) so that it actually helps you instead of slowing you down with unnecessary customizations and processes and expensive costs. Once you have all your information set up in one place, you should be able to dynamically look up contact information, sales per student, their invoices, quotes, registration letters, and other attachments in an instant. This also helps your sales reps work together without miscommunications.

4. Use dynamic quotes and invoices.

You don’t get flight tickets and boarding passes delivered to your house anymore, same reason you shouldn’t be using paper invoices and quotes anymore. Supercharge your quotes and invoices to make them dynamic. Web quotes and invoices can give you valuable insights like whether or not a student has received and viewed your invoice, and also lets them see it online, on their mobile devices, or forward it to their parents by simply sending a link. Dynamic invoices can also accept credit card payments online, let you add attachments and files, and automatically track if the invoice has been paid. Click here to see an example dynamic invoice.

5. Standardize your sales process to increase staff efficiency.

If you have sales reps, they probably each work in slightly different ways. This can seem like no big deal at first, but ultimately this causes miscommunication, hard to keep track of business metrics and successful methods, and also makes it more challenging to train new sales reps. Building an efficient sales pipeline within your agency will help you streamline your sales, easily compare the performance of your sales reps, and help you train equally effective new sales reps quickly. Start thinking about a consistent, repeatable process that you can follow to ensure the success of each student you sell to.

How do you think these 5 things will help your agency? If you feel unsure about how to implement these processes at your agency, let us show you how! Schedule a demo of Edvisor.io web tools with us and we’ll walk you step by step about how to use modern web tools to supercharge your agency.