5 Ways Ed Agencies Can Increase Revenue

Education agents are always looking into new ways to attract new students and customers. However capturing new students is not always the key to generating more revenue.

Here are 5 things you could do to maximize your agency's revenue with your current clients. One of the most important keys is keeping track and following up!. Having a system, a tool, that can remind you automatically of all the different things that are happening with your students at a different process in the sales cycle. (Something that Edvisor does extremely well :) )

I'm sure you are doing some of these, but are you maximizing every single student's revenue potential?

1. Upsell before the trip

There are many things an agency can offer to its clients; that would add value to the overall experience of the student before traveling:

  • Partner with a local Language school and offer Pre-departure lessons. (Or one-day seminars in ¨English, French, German, for survival)

  • ¨The usual suspects¨ - make sure you have agreements with insurance, homestay - residences and student cards providers.

  • Partner with a travel agencies or have a department that handles airline and land travel.

2. Upsell during their trip

Have contacts and create partnerships with companies abroad that can provide services to your students and are willing to share some of the profit with you. If you are following up with your students (like you should) while they are abroad, you can offer value-added services such as:

  • Trips and excursions
  • Mobile phones
  • Personalized orientations
  • In the case of languages, making sure they are happy with the number of hours for language instruction. (They might want to take more hours or upgrade their current course)
  • Understand if their plans have changed and offer other programs or possibilities after their course is set to finish.

3. Ask for referrals

Always ask your current and former clients for referrals! There is a big difference in the cost and effort required to acquire a brand new customer versus a client referred from a current or former client. You can read more about sales referrals here.

4. Upsell after their trip

Once they are back home, invite them back to your office to understand what their plans are for the near future. In the case of languages, you can offer them courses locally.

5. Follow-up

Always follow-up! Birthday and holidays are great times to follow up with current and former clients. Maintain your dialog with them as much as you can, things are always happening, changing and the only way you can anticipate new opportunities is if you are maintaining the conversation with them.