An Update to Our Invoice Statuses

Managing invoices is one of the most time-consuming things to do for an education agent. Today we made some changes to how we keep track of invoices on that will help you stay on top of your invoices with ease and flair.

Issue Statuses

Invoices are split by two Issue statuses. This helps you differentiate between invoices you have sent to your students and the ones that are not.

Draft invoices are the ones that have not been Marked as Sent.

Sent invoices have been Marked as Sent. When you mark an invoice as sent, we automatically update the Issue Date of the invoice.

Since you can always make live changes to our web invoices, we want to make sure when your coworkers makes a change to an invoice, they are aware that the student could have access to it.

Payment Statuses

Invoices now have 5 different payment statuses. These coexist with your issue status and won't be affected whether or not you mark an invoice as Sent.

alt Unpaid invoices do not have any payment recorded.

alt This invoice has been partially paid. If an invoice has a deposit set, this means the partial payment does not yet cover the deposit required.

alt For invoices with deposits, this indicates that the deposit amount has been paid. The invoice will stay at this status until it's been paid in full.

alt This invoice has been fully paid.

alt New! We now have an Overpaid status to help you spot the invoices that have overages. Helpful for those of you that return extra payments to students due to exchange rate flucturations.

And last but not least...

alt When an invoices is not completely paid and it's past a payment due date (this can be a deposit due date, an instalment due date, or the invoice due date itself), we mark is as Overdue. This label goes along with other status we mentioned above.

We hope these changes help you and your team stay organized with invoices going forward.

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