Custom Fields

Today we are happy to announce that we are adding the ability to create Custom Fields to your student profiles on Edvisor.

Many of you have been asking for ways to keep track of additional student information, or to create customized drop-down menus for fields such as Referral. With today's Custom Fields feature, you'll be able to do both.

3 Types of Custom Fields
  • Text - Just a text field for anything you like.
  • Dropdown - Select from a list of choices you created.
  • Date - Allows you to pick a date from a calendar.
Changes To Existing Fields

We know that there are certain existing fields you would like to customize, so we converted them into Custom Fields. You can now edit or delete the following fields on your student profile:

  • Current English Level
  • Education Level
  • Visa Requirement
  • National ID Number
  • Referral

To access Custom Fields, go to Settings > Agency tab and you'll be able to set Custom Fields for the office you chose. You'll need to be a Manager or Admin to be able to make changes.

The Edvisor Team