Edu Agency Success Secrets

Technology is probably one of the most underused weapons education agencies use to increase their productivity and sales. One of the reasons for this is that technology changes so fast and often leaves us with a lot of questions and doubts into what to implement and if we are doing right.

But make no mistake the fact that it sometimes feels like a daunting part of your business, does not mean you can ignore it. On the contrary, you have to make an effort to understand and implement technology that advances your business.

Big size agencies usually have the resources and the human capital to develop the technology on its own, or buy the best technology available and customize it to their unique needs. However, the good news of medium and small size agencies and the beauty of technology in 2015 is that there is an equalizer because the cost of acquiring new technologies has gone down dramatically in the last few years.
The main article this month in Study Travel Magazine talks about the latests administration technologies available for education agencies. We were very happy to be featured in this article. Here is an excerpt on what they wrote about Edvisor.
¨Edvisor is perhaps the newest player to have entered the agent software management market. “As a start-up, our approach to building technology was to work with the end users of the product from the very inception of the idea,” begins Co-founder Nicolas Miller. “So beginning February 2014, we met five agencies on a weekly basis throughout the design and development process. Initially the meetings were about the pains agencies face in their day-to-day operations, afterwards we discussed solution concepts, and finally they became the first users.” In July, Edvisor was one of ten education technology companies handpicked by Techstars, a mentorship-driven start-up accelerator, to enrol in an intensive three month programme connecting them with investors and industry entrepreneurs to help grow business, confirms Miller.

He relates the team were keen to keep design and functionality simple, as essentially the system aims to make the working life of an agent easier. “The most challenging design is the simplest one. Making the product as easy to use as possible has been our number one priority from the start,” he says. As a web-based system, agents log into their Edvisor account wherever they have internet connectivity and there are three different permission levels (admin, manager, sales rep) with variances in accessibility/available data. The system manages students and partner schools, creates dynamic quotes and invoices (all online), and enables agencies to collaborate with their team regardless of location. Although geared more towards agents active in the language sector, Edvisor is continuing to build support features to make it more robust for higher education specialists. In fact, updates and features are rolled out on an almost biweekly basis. “We have built a chat system which allows us to get continual feedback from our users.” As an application programme interface (API) it can be assimilated with other systems agents may currently use. “Whether an agency website, a credit card processor, marketing service or another existing web service, we can integrate them,” says Miller.

You can read the full article here.

In our next blog post, we will take a look at how technology is shaping big changes in our sector and what YOU need to do to take advantage of the opportunities ahead.