Increasing Efficiency with Web-to-Lead

Increasing the efficiency of education agents is one of our major goals. Replacing manual processes with automated ones can help you achieve that. One way to do this is to connect your website contact forms to your client management system through what is known as web-to-lead.

What is web-to-lead?

Web-to-lead is the connection between your website contact forms and your client management system that allows client information submited on your forms to automatically show up in your system. Making this connection saves a lot of time and increases how quickly your team can respond to client inquiries.

Benefits of setting up web-to-lead

  1. Improve reliability: Know that client information is always instantly being entered into your client management system; no lost inquries, no data entry mistakes, no waiting for someone to enter information.
  2. Increase efficiency: Reduce manual data entry so you and your staff have more time to focus on what really matters - getting new potential clients and satisfying your existing ones.
  3. Automatically assign leads to sales staff: Create rules around who should respond to an inquiry and assign types of inquiries to certain staff members; for example assign all language school inquiries to Sarah on your sales team.
  4. Respond faster to inquires: With new client contact information automatically entered and assigned to a specific staff member; the right staff member can respond instantly to inquiries without having to wait for information to be passed to them.
  5. Filter your clients: Not all clients are created equal; priotize who you want to follow up with first and filter out clients who are not a fit for your business. Even assign certain leads as "hot" based on information they fill out on your contact form so your sales team knows to follow up with them immediately.

Sounds great, but how do I get this?

If you're already using Edvisor to manage your agency, you're ready for Web-to-Lead! Contact us and we'll get it set up for your website, or if you are handy (as in, you have a web developer), you can ask for our API.

If you don't use Edvisor yet, you're missing out. Let us show you how everything works in a complimentary demo: schedule your demo here!

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