Now Live on Beta: The New Edvisor Quotes

Today, we’re excited to a give you a quick peek into the upcoming Edvisor Platform with New Quotes.

A few of the benefits:

  • Beautiful, modern, and interactive on both mobile and web
  • Includes photos, videos, pricing, promotions, descriptions, etc.
  • Multiple options and multi-lingual so that your students read in their mother tongue and choose directly
  • Trackable so you know when your students have viewed your quote
  • Effortless to create using information streamed directly from your schools (more on this coming soon!)

Check out the new quotes in action with a live example here. (psst... try opening it on your mobile phone)

Already a beta user? Stand out with the new quotes today.

Not yet a beta user? Find out how to get early access by scheduling a chat here.