Stay Productive: Must-Have Tools for Modern Education Agents

It's not easy staying ahead of the competition in the crowded field of Education consultancy. As the marketplace opens up, new agencies are founded everyday in all corners of the world. Staying productive is the key to avoid falling behind. The internet has really opened up the world and students are taking advantage, there is no doubt. So why are some agencies slow to leverage the internet as well? What tools are out there? Well, this is your cheat sheet. Here are some must-have inexpensive web tools and services designed to help you market, communicate, and track.


The most important thing thing for your business is to get new leads, of course! The best way to do this is network, network, network. is great for finding groups of students with common interests. You can join groups, or create your own in your city. It's not an instant, lead generator, but it is well worth the time invested to build on the trust of your potential students by meeting them face to face. It's free to join, only pay if you want to create your own a group meetup.

So what do you do once you've met all those leads? Maybe you went to a conference, or started your own conversation club. You'll have to start contacting each one, which takes a lot of time (I see you nodding your head!). Try Mailchimp. You can upload a large list of contacts and send them an email all at once. It comes with the cool features to track the performance of your email campaign. Free to try, pay only as you increase the number of contacts you upload.


It's important to communicate with your team, instantly. Education consultancy is built on the speed of delivering information and even an hour can mean the difference between a student choosing your agency over another. There are many tools out there like skype, google chat - but one we love and use everyday at Edvisor is called Slack. It's great because it integrates with many different project management tools as well as payment services such as paypal. The best part? It's totally free to use, with unlimited number of users.


Edvisor (you knew it was coming..)
What is more important than tracking your leads as they go from prospect to client? Track your quoting, invoicing as well as your school partners and all of their course pricing. Being a web-based tool, you can collaborate with your team from anywhere in the world. Request a demo, or try it for yourself totally free for one month.