What To Do When a School Closes

School closures happen. It is unfortunate, however it is a reality that Education Agents have to deal with. Regardless of the reasons, what is most important are your students. Where will they go? Who do they need to talk to? What can you do to assist your student to make sure they are taken care of?

As Education Agents, you must react quickly to reach out. In the best case, you should be the one to inform the student that it is happening and why. It will be an anxious time for the student and they will look to you, as their agent, to provide information and reassurance. A simple, short email or phone call will go a long way to ensuring that you are there to support them throughout the transition to another school.

Most schools will be part of an association such as English UK, IALC, Languages Canada, ALTO or ACCET, to name a few. In these cases, these associations will have information on what is happening and emergency procedures in place. Most likely, affected students will be contacted by these associations directly with instructions about re-placement, so it is important to let your students know to look out for this correspondance. As their agent, reach out to the associations yourself to get informed and updated on the situation. The more you know, the more your students will feel confident they are taken care of.

As an Education Agent, what you can do is look for accredited institutions to partner with. The associations mentioned previously have contingency plans in place for school closures (student emergency funds), as well as standard quality assurance measures that their school members must adhere. Although it is never a guarantee, working with schools in these associations will give you a level of security. However, not all associations are created equal. Do your research and work with schools and associations that best fit your own values and vision. To be part of an association is to join a supported community. This is your reputation as an Education Agent so be picky.