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Introducing Edvisor, an easy-to-use web platform designed specifically for Education Agencies.

Tired of slow and manual data entry? Sick of different systems that don't talk to each other? If so, we built Edvisor for you. Edvisor lets you do everything you need in one place - whether it’s working with students, schools, or managing your team, bring efficiency to your business with modern web tools and automation.

  • “Edvisor has improved our overall look and student management style which has improved customer confidence and satisfaction. It has added an added sophisticated look to our frontline operations and some of the features act as a great complement to our college and university prep services.” -Sheena Alleyne ~ The Student Center (Barbados)
  • “This is a game-changer. Our everyday tasks are simplified and technology is changing how we work, increasing our conversion rates and generating more sales.” -Catherine Bustamante from PCT Colombia
  • “I've been looking for a CRM to help me with my business for quite sometime and I couldn't find anything that fitted my needs. I tried some of those famous and expensive ones and they were not even close to what I am able do with Edvisor. Their CRM is simple, focused and user friendly. But the best parts is that it's made for educational agencies. Edvisor's team also provides great customer service. I recommend it!” -Plinio Silva, General Manager at Woori Education Group (Toronto, Canada), 4 years experience

Never lose track of another student

  • Track your students through a sales pipeline that you can customize.
  • Easily search and filter students by study destination, course type, location, and more.
  • Use profiles to keep each student's information organized in one place, including documents, files and history.

Stop digging through spreadsheets or brochures for courses and pricing.

  • Easily input and look up courses and pricing from your partner schools.
  • Manage Accommodations and Service partners as well
  • Automatically add course, accommodation, and services pricing to quotes and invoices.

No more lost or outdated quotes and invoices.

  • Track whether your students have viewed your quotes and invoices.
  • Easily create one quote with multiple options for your students to choose.
  • Accept payments online and get reminders when unpaid invoices are due.
Online Payments we support:

Seamlessly collaborate with your entire team, near and far.

  • Set up your team in seconds, as sales reps, managers, or admins.
  • Easily assign students between team members.
  • See sales and performance by each team member.
  • Manage additional offices if you have more than one location.

The little things we do can make a big difference for you.

We listen and we take action. Based on feedback from hundreds of agents that rely on Edvisor everyday, we are constantly adding features that makes your life easier.

Less Data Entry

We make it easy to manage student and partner information. When you create invoices and quotes, we automatically use this information so you don’t have to type anything twice.

Customizable Reminders

Get reminded for dates that matter to you, like when a student has an invoice due in a week, or they are about to finish their course. We can even remind you about their birthdays.

Multi-Option Quotes

Provide multiple options within a single quote so that your clients can compare and directly choose the option they want on the quote. No more back and forth emails.

Manage Multiple Offices

Not only can you collaborate with your team within an office, if you have more than one location, you can set up multiple offices and easily work together.

See Sales and Business Stats

How many sales did you do this month? Are you on track for the year? Does one sales rep or office perform better than another? We show you all the numbers at a glance.

Real-Time Currency Exchange Rates

We can automatically update currency exchange rates for you so that your don’t have to worry about them when creating quotes and invoices.

With a simple design and personalized training, your whole team will learn to use Edvisor in days, not weeks.

Try us free for 14 days. No risk, just friendly faces.