Recruit students directly.

An all-in-one tool that makes it easy to recruit international students directly.

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Add your own portfolio of programs with all the information you need to market them.

Connect with your partner institutions to access their offering

Instantly begin cross-selling and booking service providers through Edvisor to generate extra revenue for your business.

Set up your world-class portfolio of programs and services.

Add your own inventory or connect directly with your providers to access live pricing, promotions, and marketing materials.

Sell more with modern tools.

Search, quote, collect payment, and book any program instantly on Edvisor Recruit, so your team can focus their time on what really matters— guiding students and bringing in new business.

Easily find what you’re looking for with our powerful search engine.

Simple quotations are not enough, wow students with beautiful proposals.

Send and manage all your student's applications in one place.

Turn your website into a 24/7 sales machine.

With our E-Commerce plugin your website will be ready to generate qualified leads and bookings 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Provide your students with the information they need, right when they need it

Get high-quality leads and store them in your CRM.

Allow students to pay directly from your website.

Store all your leads and customer information.

Organize your leads in pipelines and customize the stages to suit your sales funnel.

Send Emails and Whatsapp messages to students with the click of a button.

Identify new opportunities and streamline your sales process.

Our CRM is specifically designed for student recruitment. Use pipelines, tasks, triggers, and automations to streamline your sales process.

Stay on top of your business and finances.

Track your sales, commissions, and pending payments with easy-to-use financial features and powerful reporting.

Keep track of all your payments and generate receipts for your students with automatic currency conversion.

Get real-time insights about your business performance.

Manage your partner providers and sales pipeline and book policies with a single click. Take complete control of your entire insurance sales operation in one single tool!

Include a customized landing page on your website and let your students enjoy a seamless experience of insurance purchasing.

Generate Extra Revenue with the Insurance Marketplace

Get access to world-class insurance providers and enjoy a new way of exploring and booking insurance policies in an easy, quick and efficient way, while you generate extra revenue for your business.

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Do more with the tools you already use by connecting them with Edvisor.

Streamline your workflow with powerful integrations.

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Trusted by thousands of agents and educators worldwide.


Organizations use Edvisor as their main direct recruitment tool


Programs available to include in your proposals


Insurance and Accommodation options

Frequently Asked Questions

Can’t find the answer you are looking for? Reach out to our team
Edvisor Recruit is a universal direct sales tool for any company that recruits students directly.

Whether you are an agency or an educator, if you are looking to take control of your direct student recruitment operation and take your sales to the next level, Edvisor Recruit can definitely help your business.
Yes! All companies operating on Edvisor Recruit can quote and book our world-class portfolio of insurance providers through the Insurance Marketplace and receive instant commission on every insurance booking sent through Edvisor.
If you are using Edvisor Recruit to collaborate with your partner educators, these partners are directly responsible for maintaining their profile and the pricing that is accessed by companies on Edvisor Recruit. This means that the educators themselves update their global pricing, local market promotions, and marketing information that is shown on Edvisor Recruit.

In some cases, we help educators maintain their profiles to ensure that everything is up-to-date.

Should you spot any discrepancies or anomalies in pricing you should contact the educator at the earliest opportunity.
No. Edvisor is not involved in the commercial agreement that exists between you and your partners. Edvisor Recruit is designed to help you connect and collaborate as you build and develop successful partnerships around the world.

You can also use our Discovery tool to expand your network of educators and Edvisor Messaging allows you to communicate with your partners directly on the platform.
Edvisor Recruit is designed to provide a complete recruitment solution to any company that recruits students directly. For this reason, companies subscribed to our Expert plan have access to the Inventory Management tool, which allows you to create, personalize and update your full portfolio of custom programs.

If you are an educator working on Edvisor Recruit, you can connect with your Edvisor Distribute profile to directly access your portfolio.

All companies working on Edvisor for Agents will be able to access and use their current system for the time being.

Companies already working with Edvisor can easily upgrade to the new Recruit and Distribute platforms and we will migrate all key information - Offices, Pipelines, Custom Fields, Providers, Student data, Tasks and Notes - into your new system. 

Simply schedule a call with your Account Manager to learn more about how you can upgrade and begin enjoying the improved performance of Edvisor Recruit and Distribute.

All the tools you need to streamline the way you recruit students

Free up your time and start focusing on delivering a good service to your students.