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How Class Education Mastered the Student Fair Game with EdCommerce

How do you turn a conventional student fair into a captivating, can't-miss event that draws the crowd and converts them?

Class Education was facing this exact same challenge with Expo Canada Education. They wanted to supercharge their annual education expo, offering something beyond traditional booths and paper brochures. They aimed for a seamless, interactive experience to captivate students and make decision-making easier.

The Game-Changing Solution: EdCommerce 🎯

Just 72 hours before their annual event, Class Education decided to give EdCommerce a try! Despite it being a last-minute decision, the platform was up and running in just three days, thanks to its user-friendly setup process.

They strategically positioned self-service kiosks throughout the fair, each loaded with their custom-crafted EdCommerce landing page.

These digital hubs showcased the institution's handpicked programs for the fair, inviting students to independently explore a universe of options right at their fingertips.

It was as if each kiosk was a personal educational advisor, available 24/7, ready to guide attendees through a tailored journey of discovery, all at their own pace!

The explosive Outcomes 💥

The outcome was nothing short of transformative. Here are some key performance indicators that highlight the impact:

  • Increased Student Participation: EdCommerce's interactive and efficient platform led to an increase in student participation. Turning passive visitors into engaged prospects.

  • Boost in Enrollment Rates: Real-time quotes removed the 'maybe' from the equation and replaced it with 'let's do this.' 

  • Streamlined Booking: The fuss-free booking and payment system ensured a smooth experience, both for the students and the institutions.

  • Data-Driven Insights: Real-time analytics allowed Class Education to gauge the effectiveness of their offerings and promotions, enabling them to optimize their strategies on the go. It's like having a crystal ball.

With EdCommerce, Class Education didn't just host Expo Canada Education, they hosted THE student fair—the one that left attendees buzzing and competitors wondering, "How'd they do that?"

In the words of Saul Flores,

"Utilizing EdCommerce at Expo Canada Education was a game-changer. Despite a last-minute decision, we managed to set it up in just three days, allowing us to offer real-time price quotes to students seamlessly. I highly recommend EdCommerce for future expos, as it enhances the expo experience by providing students with transparent pricing information and streamlining their decision-making process. It's a valuable addition to any educational event."

Saul Flores, General Sales Manager at Class Education