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Edu-Inter: streamlining group insurance bookings with new tools

Through the Student Insurance Finder integration, Edu-Inter now has access to a variety of insurance companies that can accommodate any student's needs - meaning no more missed bookings! Read the story to learn more.

Meet Edu-Inter

Edu-inter is a French immersion school accredited by Languages Canada and with 15 years of experience teaching French to foreign students (adults and teenagers).

Communication and culture are the foundations of Edu-Inter's teaching methodology. The company combines communicative methods with a range of cultural activities to offer an immersive, complete French program to their students.

Managing insurance bookings for large groups

Summer camps are an especially stressful time of the year for educators. Manually dealing with a large influx of student groups needing insurance bookings is a challenge that involves a lot of steps. Not only are there more students to keep track of, but each student in each group also needs to be insured. This can involve a lot of manual work, from booking the insurance to keeping track of each student’s policy.

During the summer camp season (from June 27- July 29), Edu-Inter has approximately 300 students every year who need insurance. The students also arrive at different times, so it was challenging to coordinate insurance requirements during this season.

The process for the management of insurance sales generally involved an Edu-Inter staff member manually sending insurance proposals to interested students. The proposals were sent via email, and due to time management and lack of access to automation, the proposals lacked visual aesthetics and personalization. The information sent normally included a pdf document describing the insurance coverage information, and a total price that included the programs and insurance coverage. 

Edu-Inter worked with only 2 insurance providers, and although they were happy with the insurance services, the coverage options offered to their students were very limited.

After proposals were sent to students, Edu-Inter waited for the students to accept or send the payment. When following up on the purchase of the insurance with the student via email, there was no visibility of the payment status between Edu-Inter and the insurance provider which required extra back-and-forth with the student or insurer. This meant when the Edu-Inter staff member received confirmation of the student's payment, they would contact the insurance company to generate a student policy. This process was inefficient, slow, and demanded a lot of operational resources.

Each insurance company has their process - so the Edu-Inter staff had to adapt to the insurer’s process through various methods of communication such as calls, emails, Whatsapp messages, etc… To book insurance for all the students a lot of time was lost managing multiple communication portals. Student Insurance Finder removed the need for Educators to jump through so many hurdles when booking insurance for their students, especially when dealing with large groups. 

Streamlining insurance operations with technology

In 2022, Edu-Inter decided to integrate the Student Insurance Finder landing page into their website and streamline their insurance operations.

When Edu-Inter heard about Edvisor’s Student Insurance Finder, they decided to give it a try. Student Insurance Finder provided added value to the services Edu-Inter already offered, and made their insurance booking processes more efficient.

Access to this insurance tool enabled Edu-Inter to offer more options, in terms of access to insurance companies, which was good for them. Student Insurance Finder provided access to more coverage offerings available to their students and increased the volume of bookings while lowering the insurance management time. 

Before the Student Insurance Finder integration, Edu-Inter worked with two insurers, and if anything came up - there was no plan B. If a student needed a card sent for the same day, and the available companies couldn’t issue the E-card, it wouldn’t happen. However, through Edvisor’s options, if that happens with their first choice of insurance company, Edu-Inter can just switch to another option and have the student order the card through an insurance company that can accommodate the student’s specific needs.


Student Insurance Finder helped Edu-Inter:

  • Enable your students to book insurance directly on your website.

  • Remove back and forth between insurers and students.

  • Automate confirmation emails that insurance has been purchased.

  • Quickly access the policies if staff members need to find them for their students.

  • Make the best commission available in the market from every insurance sale.

  • Save time managing, and selling insurance to focus on providing their students with a great customer experience.


Student Insurance Finder streamlines the process for offering insurance and managing bookings, making educators’ lives easier and removing all the back-and-forth previously required.

“Student Insurance Finder is really user friendly, convenient, easy to use, and easy to understand for the student. It’s straightforward: they go there and they know what to do. They don’t have to click many buttons to find what they need.“

Jean-Bertrand, Registrar at Edu-Inter