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Edu Consulting: using technology to meet doubled insurance demands

When Edu Consulting's insurance demands doubled, they turned to Edvisor's insurance tools for help. Learn how access to digital tools helped them meet the increased demand for insurance and increase revenue.

Meet Edu Consulting

Edu Consulting helps students pursue educational programs abroad to become successful multicultural professionals. They have been leading the way to a globalized education experience by connecting students from Venezuela, Guatemala, and Panama with learning opportunities around the world. 

Applying for international programs and visas can be a challenge, so Edu Consulting expert advisors help their agency’s international students navigate the steps required to study abroad. The agents deal with preparing all the paperwork, pricing, program information, insurance options, and more, for their students.

Students benefit from access to Edu Consulting’s expert education advisors to help them find the right learning opportunities at the best international schools and universities. 

Meeting doubled insurance demands

After the COVID-19 pandemic and the constant changes in border entry regulations, the need for insurance became more important than ever before. As restrictions began to let up, many students preferred the experience of physically attending classes and being face-to-face with instructors and peers over studying online. 

A lot of schools in Latin America didn’t make the return to in-person education as quickly as institutions in other countries. Because of this, students in Latin America felt more motivated than ever to find high-calibre in-person programs to study. This brought a substantial amount of new business to Edu Consulting, which meant they needed to keep up with a high increase in international insurance demands.

“The demand has doubled after the pandemic.”

When booking international study programs, students book insurance privately, or the agents at Edu Consulting manually compile a list of available insurance offerings by searching emails, their database for PDFs, or searching each available insurer’s website for current offerings. 

The communication between the agents and students was heavily manual and time-consuming, through back-and-forth emails or phone calls. Plus, the presentation to show the available insurance services to students was lacklustre and heavily text or pdf based, depending on what was sent by the providers. 

Before having access to the Edvisor Insurance Marketplace, if a student needed assistance setting up insurance Edu Consulting had to go through providers that were available locally.

If a student has an emergency, they may not have their insurance policy information on them at that moment. With the old system of using local providers, Edu Consulting had to dig through old emails and records to locate the policy number or directly contact the insurance agency that held the policy and wait for their response. This costs time and energy in situations where a quick resolution was necessary. By using the Edvisor’s Insurance Marketplace, Edu Consulting is easily able to pull up a student’s policy information immediately and hassle-free, anytime they need it. 

Using new tools to increase revenue

“Edvisor is the tool to have for recruitment agencies in education.” 

Since 2018, Edvisor has been assisting Edu Consulting with its mission to help students pursue educational programs abroad. The agents at Edu Consulting can easily find the programs available on Edvisor that best suit their student’s multicultural educational needs. 

The Insurance Marketplace was able to substantially impact the way Edu Consulting advocates for students. Edvisor’s tools provide easy access to information needed by agents when completing and managing sales with their students. “It gives us more control, about an area that we were not controlling 100%. Having the insurance marketplace is a great option that is all integrated. We can keep track of the students, and we can go back to easily find student policies when needed.”

Access to Edvisor's tools has become crucial to Edu Consulting’s business model. It is used frequently to encourage students to purchase insurance plans that might be more complete than the ones provided by their university, which not only helps Edu Consulting but is better for the students as well. The Insurance Marketplace has enabled Edu Consulting to grow its profits through a seamless insurance selling experience.

With the Insurance Marketplace, the booking insurance process is much more streamlined, simple, and efficient. Edu Consulting has been able to get between 60-70% of its insurance sales done through the marketplace and gain extra income in commissions from the insurance sales in the Edvisor platform. 

“Edvisor has helped us improve a lot in our internal processes, and maintain a more accurate pipeline of sales. Which in turn turns into better service, and follow-ups with our students. Not only the ones in the process to be students, but also the students who have already started their studies.” Edu Consulting feels Edvisor’s tools have helped the post-sale communication with their students, which leads to more referrals and an increase in business. 

Edu Consulting has praised the customer support offered by Edvisor while switching to selling insurance through the insurance marketplace. Whenever there were any issues or confusion, especially as they adjusted to the platform, in the beginning, the Edvisor team was always there and available to assist.

The efficiency of the insurance sales with Edvisor’s tools is very quick. “After submitting the sale you get the fee and the policy information, and it was really quick. It was almost immediate, and that was very good.”


How the insurance tool works

The agent logs in to their account and with a few clicks using Edvisor, Edu Consulting can send beautiful quotes that include the best insurance options in the market. Students can compare prices, benefits, and coverages, in quotes side-by-side to find the best deals. And because Edvisor negotiates the best fees with the most competitive insurance providers, Edu Consulting can access incredible insurance prices that they won't find anywhere else. 

The Insurance Marketplace enables agencies to add an extra revenue stream and make commissions from their insurance sales.

Edu Consulting has improved its student experience thanks to Edvisor's tools and organizational options. They can follow up with existing students, which helps foster a great relationship that promotes referrals for future sales opportunities. In this way, Edvisor has been able to help Edu Consulting promote customer loyalty, gain new customers, and increase their insurance commission.

Edvisor’s Insurance Marketplace is the best insurance tool to have for agencies offering international insurance options to their students.