EDUK Brasil - Edvisor Success Story

Eduk Brasil saved hundreds of hours finding international education program pricing

The team at Eduk Brasil faced challenges with traditional communication methods and time-consuming tasks.

With Edvisor, the process of receiving program information was transformed and enabled them to improve their services. Read the full story and discover how they overcame their challenges with digital solutions.

About Eduk Brasil

Eduk Brasil is a student recruitment agency that specializes in international education and exchange programs, formed by a team that is passionate about the company’s mission. Since its founding, Eduk Brasil has offered quality programs, transparency, and customer satisfaction by helping Brazilian students achieve their dream of studying and working abroad. Students commonly embark from Sao Paulo, Brazil to study in countries across the globe!

“The reason behind our operation is the possibility of helping our clients to fulfill their dream of studying and even working outside of Brazil, turning their life projects into reality.”

The team at Eduk Brasil has partnerships for exchange work with some of the best language schools in the world. They collaborate with a variety of technical schools and universities, all accredited and supervised by the competent bodies of each country. The agency is composed of people who understand the requirements of the study abroad and exchange experience and focus their efforts on finding the best destinations to suit each of their client’s specific wants and needs.

Meeting budgets and saving time

The many hours it took to find the suitable program options that perfectly fit a student’s desired travel location and budget, prevented Eduk Brasil from being able to help as many students as they wanted.

Traditional communication methods between the Eduk Brasil team and their partner educators were slow and inefficient. Days, sometimes weeks, were wasted trying to find the correct contact person at the desired schools who could provide much-needed program and pricing data for the Eduk agents to present to the interested students. Once a reliable source of information or contact was located at each school, Eduk agents spent more time waiting for subsequent replies.

Searching the web or previous emails for data on programs, pricing, and promotions for the different educator options, often provided a lot of inaccurate information. Student proposals and quotations often remained unsent while Eduk’s agents waited for replies from educators they reached out to. The amount of time and resources spent just to attain up-to-date program information cost the agency a lot of unnecessary staff hours spent on manual tasks.

As students waited for the needed information, they could not plan their travel budgets or finalize their transactions with Eduk until they received a final quote for the international programs they were interested in. This process constantly left agents and students feeling impatient, powerless, and frustrated.

Instead of guiding students through their many education opportunities abroad, the agents played a perpetual waiting game. The Eduk Brasil team felt frustrated knowing they could be doing so much more for their students and growing their agency if only they had the information they needed available at their fingertips.

Efficient and effective access to information

Since joining Edvisor in 2019, the entire process of receiving vital program information was forever transformed. Edvisor helped Eduk Brasil access the data they needed quickly and efficiently. 

“Edvisor has helped solve our problems with quality information about the educators, and updated pricing with all of the information the student needs in order to choose the right school and course.”

Eduk Brasil agents can find the right educator fit for their students using the search program features directly in their Edvisor platform. This allows them to easily access all of the educator information they need at the click of a button. 

Through Edvisor’s student recruitment tools, agents get access to a platform that enables the efficient management of student sales, program searches, and access to multiple international program options including not only location and pricing information but also the latest promotions available. The educator's information can be transformed into a beautiful quote that is branded, dynamic and user-friendly for presenting to the agency’s students. Even travel insurance options can be added and managed through the Edvisor all-inclusive platform. 

Most importantly, enrollment can be completed online through Edvisor and directly with the educator of choice. Edvisor’s digital student recruitment solutions help the agents at Eduk Brasil navigate the available options in a user-friendly and efficient way. 

Agents can search for educators all over the world right from their homes. They no longer need to spend time via back-and-forth emails or calls and constantly request pricing updates for the school’s available programs. All of the information is available and ready for immediate quoting right in Edvisor.

“The search for educators has become much faster and more secure in terms of information and value to our team. In addition, there is various complementary information such as location, nationality mix, and videos of the schools and institutions available on Edvisor.”

Access to the right student recruitment technology has helped Eduk Brasil grow and continue to pursue its mission of offering access to international education for its students in Brazil. Their team of agents now saves a lot of time when searching for the information required to present accurate educator options to their clients and even gained access to additional information such as demographic data and the educator’s video presentations which help them close sales more efficiently.

“There is easy security and agility in the internal control of search and CRM - we can analyze and manage interactions and leads generated by past, present, and future customers”.