Success Stories: Eurocultura

Eurocultura: how digital tools helped provide high-quality quotations in a short time

Digital tools helped Eurocultura resolve workload challenges by using manual methods to generate quotations. Access to the Edvisor platform helped increase the quality of their quotations and streamline the internal workflow. Read the full story below to learn more. 

About Eurocultura

Eurocultura supports students’ growth by promoting the acquisition and updating of professional skills through international experiences. The agency, Eurocultura, was founded in Italy in 1993 with its headquarters in Vicenza, Northeastern Italy. The main destination countries for their clients are the United Kingdom, Australia, Germany, and Spain.

The programs available through Eurocultura offer many international study options and a deep understanding of professional skills through workshops, company visits, discussions with experts, and job shadowing. The agency organizes study visits and training courses for international professionals in partnership with its Italian network of public bodies, NGOs, and small and medium-sized enterprises. 

Wasted manpower on manual quotations

Eurocultura organizes training, travel logistics and offers interpreters for their clients when necessary. Each one of their packages includes unique program durations that can last from a few days to a few weeks or even years. Often the packages include customization options specific to each client, and with all the various study programs offered and the high volume of students, the Eurocultura staff struggled to stay on top of the workload. 

Everything was handled by the agents of Eurocultura manually. “We used to make manual quotations for each student according to destinations, school, course, accommodations, and required duration.” A lot of hours of manpower were required to keep up with the tasks needed to book international education options and meet clients’ unique demands. The dedicated agents at Eurocultura felt overwhelmed with the workload and stressed by the lack of tools available to streamline their workflow. They looked for ways to automate their tasks, and waste less time on management and more time selling programs to new clients. 

“To quickly answer general student questions, we kept tables in excel sheets for each specific language with examples of budgets for preferred schools. These tables had to be updated every year or every time the schools put out new prices and new offers. This was a lot of work, took time, and had a high possibility for errors.” 

The lack of software options and digital tools to manage information and meet clients’ needs grew more and more unacceptable to the Eurocultura team. They searched for access to technology and felt passionate about delivering the highest quality of service for their clients, “Our students coordinate their vocational learning through us and trust we will have the details worked out for them.” Delivering exceptional service, and helping their clients achieve their dreams of studying abroad is very important for Eurocultura. 

“Students who came to the office for an initial consultation were offered brochures from the schools.” Due to the lack of access to efficient tools, and real-time educator pricing the agents at Eurocultura usually set up an initial consultation to present brochures to interested students. 

Agents presented the confirmed options to the students, and then manually prepared and sent them quotes. Agents lost valuable time searching for the correct educator data over and over. The lack of access to quick information may even have cost them sales opportunities.

Agents at Eurocultura knew they had to save time and become more efficient. They searched for a solution that could give them access to accurate up-to-date educator programs and pricing, and save time creating quotes for their students that included their agency branding. The agents knew going digital would drastically reduce the time wasted in the information gathering and quote stages of the process. They also knew a digital-based system could present a more polished and professional presentation to their clients. 

Gaining access to educator pricing updated in real-time

Eurocultura partnered with Edvisor in 2017 and the staff was instantly amazed by the amount of information right at their fingertips. By using Edvisor’s “Search Tool”, the agents gained immediate access to an entire network of educators, and real-time programs and pricing options to offer their students. 

The smooth transition to using the new digital tools helped Eurocultura adapt its workflow quickly and efficiently. The agents found the Edvisor platform extremely user-friendly. They followed the prompts for inputting nationality, language preferences, dates and duration of stay, and level of schooling. One-click later and Eurocultura’s team easily accessed multiple programs, prices, and educator options for their students. 

“We now provide high quality and a large number of quotations in a short time. The best thing about Edvisor is that it easily compares different schools, programs, and prices. Then we can share high-quality email quotes directly with the student.”

The new workflow for the Eurocultura agents is more effective than searching for options through stacks of brochures, or emails. Now the student can immediately see a customized quote. Eurocultura finds it helpful that the quotes also include access to educator profiles that give the student immediate access to the descriptions, photos, videos and information for the schools or institutions that include up-to-date and accurate pricing. The time saved during the sales process enables Eurocultura to focus on selling to more clients and giving them a better initial impression. 

Besides using just the CRM, Eurocultura appreciates the efficiency of the web quotation tool that they can directly plug into their website. Students visiting the site can search for a location, input their education level, and preferred learning duration and find the right programs and prices in real-time without the need to consult an agent. Not only is that a benefit to the student, but the feature also acts as a 24/7 sales engine where agencies can track and generate new leads.

Eurocultura felt empowered by being able to access an international education tool like Edvisor’s system. The staff can now access instant and accurate educator information and focus on recruitment and support instead of constant data gathering.

“Edvisor helps agencies manage educator partners and customers, and the overall agency business. It’s a system thought by and for education professionals.”