Injoy Success Story

Success Story

Injoy: access to an all-in-one system for agency management and insurance

Learn how access to an all-in-one platform and the streamlined process for selling insurance had a significant positive impact on Injoy’s agents being able to close sales faster and increase their revenue through insurance sales.

Meet Injoy Agency

Injoy Agency is a student recruitment business that helps students travel to study and work abroad in the U.S., Canada, Australia, the United Kingdom, and Spain. Injoy Agency partners with several companies in other countries to help students access various international education options.

Peter Ilko is a co-founder of Injoy Agency and works to ensure their clients fulfil their dreams of studying abroad. The company was founded by former students, lifeguards, and managers who have unique experiences in the United States, Denmark, and Australia. Injoy offers a wide range of services, like choosing the right destinations and programs, administration and management of student accounts, helping to obtain visas to study abroad and offering practical advice and tips to their clients. Providing insurance to their students became a must post-pandemic, so their clients have security and are covered at all times including during unforeseen emergencies.

The company's goal is to provide clients with the best possible international experiences and help them achieve their academic and professional goals. Injoy is committed to providing clients with the resources they need to succeed in their studies, and it is this commitment that makes Injoy Agency a favourite choice for students studying and working around the world.

Meeting pandemic insurance travel requirements

Before working with Edvisor, Injoy Agency met their insurance needs through one insurance provider, which worked well for them in the beginning because of a lower frequency of insurance bookings. However, when the pandemic happened, things changed.

“Clients are more sensitive than they used to be about insurance.”

During the pandemic, travel was either limited or halted which proved problematic for sending students abroad. Canada was one of the first countries to reopen its borders and give students access to international education. Trying to meet heightened insurance demands became a challenge because students were unsure of how much coverage or what types of insurance they would need due to Covid19. Situations changed daily, and travellers never knew what circumstances they needed to prepare for, which made it hard to know how long they would need certain coverages. This proved difficult for Injoy’s agents because students not only needed to be covered during their trip for cancellations or trip disruption risks but they also needed to be covered medically for the entire time of their stay abroad.

The new pandemic travel requirements generated the need for more management on the agency’s side to manually book and collect student information so they could better assess their international travel needs. Initially, Injoy agents collected all of the details about the student’s trip, managed invoices, paid the insurers, and there was a lot of information to collect and stay on top of. Agents needed and looked for access to a system that enabled them to have all of this information manageable in one place or platform. 

Another problem emerged due to the new restrictions resulting from the pandemic, and students no longer travelled to study in the United States or Australia. Right before the pandemic, Injoy purchased a company called Australia Online (the biggest company in Slovakia for programs to Australia), but since the borders closed their monetary investment into the new acquisition got stuck. Although they inherited all the employees and web platforms of the new company, they had no work for the staff since Australia’s borders had closed. Injoy looked for a way to recover the lost investment, and grow their business so they could send their students to new locations that still allowed study abroad opportunities.

Being able to send students to study in Canada helped their business survive during Covid19. Injoy had a record number of students travelling to study in Canada for the first time, not only due to Australia and the U.S. still not being available but also the UK. After Brexit, Slovaks wanting to study English could no longer study in the UK either. Since the United Kingdom left the European Union, tuition prices increased, so there was no more interest from students to book their studies there. 

Covid19 taught Injoy that plans are not always solid, and the future is unknown. They started to focus on new market opportunities and worked to stabilize the company by searching for digital options to manage their students, fulfil new insurance and travel requirements, and expand into new markets.

Agency growth and the new partnership

Injoy started a working partnership with Edvisor in 2021 to streamline the process for booking students to study internationally. They were happy to find one partner that provided all the important information they needed in one place - where agents could look for insurance providers with the available policies their students needed and book them directly on the same platform. 

“The biggest advantage with Edvisor is that everything is in one place.”

Injoy’s agents no longer needed to collect all the students’ details for their insurance bookings. Their students could now look directly on the Student Insurance Finder portal for their desired coverage and book what they needed. The ability to use one platform where Injoy offered multiple insurance options to their students saved Injoy a lot of time and company resources. Edvisor even began working on custom solutions to better meet Injoy’s particular needs. 

“I’m happy about the relationships built between our agency and Edvisor’s support team.”

The Account Manager working with Injoy Agency is a former agency owner that knows how beneficial it is for agencies that Edvisor’s representatives have an understanding of the agencies’ business needs. Edvisor provides access to features that help agencies and agents access the tools they need for an efficient and streamlined student recruitment experience. Injoy can rely on a quick response from the Edvisor team if anything goes wrong, and has confidence knowing any issues that arise are addressed quickly and efficiently. 

A great feature that helped Injoy create a new revenue stream is the way the Insurance Marketplace is set up. The insurance options in Edvisor are well organized and enable Injoy to control its commission rates. Injoy can use the platform to generate extra revenue for their business. One of the primary features is the way the commission process works on the platform, where Injoy can directly collect the commission from the insurance providers or vendors, and control the insurance prices offered to their students. Injoy is happy to pay only the monthly fee to use the platform and be able to profit directly from the commissions on the insurance sales without needing to pay more commission to Edvisor.

The partnership has helped Injoy grow and expand into new markets. They are the first company in Slovakia to use Edvisor’s tools and are proud to have access to an all-in-one platform that solved the problems they faced during Covid19, especially the higher rate of insurance bookings by their students trying to navigate requirements to study abroad during the pandemic. The ability to choose different insurance selling options that aligned with their business model, and Edvisor’s willingness to optimize and develop new tools, helped address Injoy Agency’s student recruitment needs. 

Initially, Injoy started with the B2B insurance tool available on their Edvisor platform. They were very happy with it plus the multiple providers available to their agency, and then also added the Student Insurance Finder landing page directly to their website. These new options made it easier for students to book desired policies on their own which streamlined the insurance booking process, freeing up their agents’ time and increasing the number of sales overall. It is an easy and efficient process which enables Injoy to get commissions directly from the sales on their website. 

By having more time freed up from their agents, Injoy focused on moving into new markets, since some locations like Australia and the UK were not available during the pandemic. They started booking students to travel in Canada and as things started to open up again, especially in Australia, Injoy already had an efficient process set up with Edvisor’s tools to accommodate the increase in the number of bookings for study. Digital tools enabled them to offer a streamlined insurance booking experience to their clients when the borders began to open up again. 

“Most clients only purchase insurance a few days before travel. It’s important to be able to easily access their booking information and see if clients are booking the correct dates for their policies.”

Edvisor’s platform and the streamlined process for selling insurance had a significant positive impact on Injoy’s agents being able to sell more study abroad packages, close sales faster, and expand into new markets.