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Edvisor and Ola Education: A Journey Beyond Quotation to Innovation and Achievement

Ola Education's ascent in international education is a story of strategic adaptation and technological innovation. Rooted in Latin America with a global footprint, this dynamic agency has redefined excellence in Australian education. 

This article explores how Ola Education, through the strategic adoption of the advanced CRM tool, revolutionized its operations, setting new benchmarks in efficiency and service quality in student recruitment.

Global Growth and Expansion of Ola Education

Ola Education's journey in the international education market is impressive and inspiring. Since 2020, with over a decade in the industry, the agency has seen remarkable evolution. 

The agency handles clients from all Latin American countries through its office in Cali, Colombia, and provides access to global markets, effectively covering a wide student demographic from its headquarters in Perth, Australia. 

This geographic structure has allowed them to specialize in the complete process of study visas in Australia, focusing exclusively on this destination. 

Ola Education offers comprehensive services beyond visa processing, including full academic support, counselling, and working across various educational levels, including VET (Vocational Education and Training) and Higher Education. 

They represent over 60 Australian institutions, offering their students a wide range of options. This holistic and detailed service approach has been a key component of Ola Education's growth and success, positioning it as a top-tier agency recruiting international students for Australia.

Navigating the Challenges

Ola Education faced substantial challenges managing its complex operations, particularly with a growing international student base. They relied on a basic CRM system and Excel sheets, which proved inadequate for their evolving needs. The CRM offered limited functionality, providing only basic steps in the pipeline with little flexibility. 

The agency's operations were not just confined to its main office in Perth but also extended to the offshore office in Cali. Handling students from Latin America, they needed a system catering to the diverse and specific needs of a wide range of markets.

The existing system needed to provide more detailed insights and efficient management of these varied requirements.

Overall, Ola Education's challenges revolved around the need for a more flexible, comprehensive, and user-friendly system to streamline its complex operations and provide the agility and detailed oversight necessary for successful international student recruitment and support.

Innovation, Customization, and efficiency with Edvisor

The introduction of Edvisor marked a turning point for Ola Education. The main appeal of Edvisor was its customizable nature, allowing Ola Education to tailor the CRM to their specific needs. 

This flexibility enabled them to create detailed pipelines and profiles vital to their unique operational requirements. Edvisor provided a solution to centralize information, ensuring that every team member, regardless of location, had up-to-date access to student data, status updates, and necessary documentation.

One of the most significant improvements was the efficiency in time management. With Edvisor, the agency could speed up processes, leading to faster student placements and improved cash flow. The streamlined processes also meant that the team could focus more on student services rather than being bogged down by administrative tasks.

Further Advancements with Edvisor

Post-implementation of Edvisor, Ola Education observed further enhancements in their operations. The user-friendly interface of Edvisor significantly reduced the training time for new staff. Its comprehensive features allowed for better task distribution and reminders, enhancing team collaboration and efficiency.

A crucial advancement was in the management of visas. Edvisor's detailed tracking capabilities allowed Ola Education to accurately monitor visa expiration dates and application deadlines. 

This was particularly important for their onshore office, which dealt with students already in Australia and required timely visa renewals to avoid legal complications. 

The platform's efficiency in managing these time-sensitive processes ensured that Ola Education remained compliant with regulations and that students' educational journeys weren't uninterrupted.

Moreover, the visibility of complete student profiles and progress stages through Edvisor ensured a smooth workflow and better management of deadlines, significantly reducing operational stress. 


The journey of Ola Education is a testament to how embracing technology can revolutionize a business. The shift from a basic CRM system to the advanced, customizable Edvisor has streamlined their processes and enhanced their service quality and operational efficiency. 

This transformation highlights the importance of adapting to innovative solutions in an ever-evolving educational landscape. 

Ola Education's success story with Edvisor is a beacon for other agencies in the industry, demonstrating the significant impact of technology in optimizing student recruitment and management processes.