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Success Story

Student Connection: closing more sales with dynamic quotation tools

Learn how Student Connection used Edvisor's dynamic quotation tools to increase sales and provide the best possible international education options for their students.

Get to know Student Connection

Student Connection is a student recruitment educational agency committed to supporting individuals who want to experience life as international students.

Based in Colombia, the agency has over 8 years of experience coordinating students’ studies abroad to host countries like Australia, New Zealand, Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, Malta, France, Italy, South Africa, Japan, Ireland, and India.

“Our mission is to be the facilitating channel to make the project of studying abroad a reality through the best advice and support.”


The challenges of using manual agency management processes

Agents at Student Connection needed to be sure that the available program information and course pricing they provided to their students were accurate and up-to-date. However, the agents encountered stress and frustration when trying to collect the data necessary to generate reliable, accurate quotes for their clients.

Student Connection used a self-constructed management process on Excel to manage information for quotes, educator information and student data. Agents gathered the data manually and continuously updated the spreadsheets every time program offerings and pricing changed, which was frequent. 

“It was a stressful time trying to find the best way to make quotations and follow up with potential candidates. The fact of constantly updating and reviewing the current promotions so as not to make mistakes generated stress for us. And by doing this, we were wasting valuable time that we could spend on following up with students and dedicating ourselves to our main strategy and sales work.”

Student Connection eventually looked to invest in additional software options to help optimize its spreadsheet management process. Unfortunately, the added plug-ins and upgrades only resulted in more frustration. The platforms they found did not integrate seamlessly with their process or each other. It became increasingly burdensome to standardize all the information and connect multiple software options to achieve an efficient agency workflow. 

At the beginning of every month, staff spent days of valuable time updating the spreadsheets. As Student Connections’ business grew, so did the amount of data and information agents needed to input, quickly becoming unmanageable.

The all-in-one tool for student recruitment

Student Connection has been an Edvisor partner since 2019. The quotation tools on the Edvisor platform provided Student Connection with the technology solution they needed to generate quick, beautiful, and user-friendly quotes for their students.

“The quotation process is now much easier and faster since we can choose by destination or school and we have the option to compare and send several quotes in a single email. We can add several destinations to a single quote, and also facilitate their comparisons.”

Edvisor enabled Student Connection to control and monitor the quotes generated for their students. It was also easy for the agents to add additional services that have been requested by the students to each quote and make alterations. Instead of wasting their time chasing down pricing, data, and information, Student Connection sent more quotes and even invested extra time to personalize each student’s international experience.

Student Connection easily accessed information from all their partner schools in one location, the Edvisor platform. The program and educator information accessed by the agents of Student Connection gets entered by the educator's representatives directly on their Edvisor profiles and updated in real-time. This removed Student Connection’s worry of sending incorrect data or out-of-date pricing to their students.

Edvisor helped Student Connection agents shift the focus from the quote preparation process and place it instead on finding new recruitment opportunities and growing the business. “Edvisor helped us a lot, to optimize time and concentrate our efforts on selling and not waste time making quotations.”

Edvisor makes it easy for agents to prepare quotes that include multiple offerings. This enables the students to compare multiple programs they may be interested in on their own time and accept the offering that most appeals to them. Then the agents can generate immediate and accurate packages best suited for each student. 

Student Connection was also able to manage its student sales pipelines directly in the Edvisor platform. They can input new leads, track their student’s sales progression, and prepare accurate quotes to send out to prospective clients. Using Edvisor’s tools is a quick, efficient, and organized way to grow an agency business and a solution that helps Student Connection offer the best choices available for their students.

Student Connection highly recommends Edvisor for student recruitment agencies because of the excellent product support and because “it is the best tool to work within this industry.”