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How Edvisor Launched Trinity Intercâmbio to New Heights of Success

In the competitive world of student exchange programs, not many agencies manage to stand out and hit the big time in a short period. However, Trinity Intercâmbio, a dynamic agency founded by three friends – Carol, Victor, and Leo – defied the odds and carved a niche for itself in just five years. 

Their success story is not only a testament to their dedication but also highlights the transformative role played by Edvisor in propelling them to the forefront of the industry.

Dublin to Brazil: The Birth and Vision of Trinity

Trinity's journey began in Dublin in 2014, where the trio lived and studied together. Upon returning to Brazil, their shared passion for student exchange programs led them to work with different education agencies. After three years of valuable experience, Carol, Victor, and Leo took the plunge and decided to establish their agency, Trinity Intercâmbio. 

The name symbolizes the unity of the three partners and their commitment to providing unparalleled experiences for students seeking international education.

Global Presence and Program Diversity: Trinity's Strategic Positioning

Trinity offers education programs worldwide, and its global presence expands to countries like Malta, Australia, Ireland, the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, South Africa, and New Zealand.

Specializing in diverse programs, including vocational courses, higher education, language courses, and junior summer camps, Trinity has successfully positioned itself as a leading agency catering exclusively to Brazilian students.

The agency's dedication to student success goes beyond recruitment. Trinity is a guiding force, offering counselling to help students navigate myriad choices and align their needs with their budget. Also, the agency provides comprehensive support, including pre-departure briefings, assistance with visas and insurance, and help with accommodation arrangements.

Trinity's values and goals materialized into tangible achievements, as the agency proudly holds the title of the best agency in the world according to Study Travel, winning the prestigious ST Star Awards twice in a row (in 2022 and 2023) within just five years of establishment.

Edvisor's Comprehensive Impact: From Quotations to Operations

When Trinity started, it relied on a manual system for managing student recruitment. The process involved creating quotations manually and sending information to students via email, typically PDFs. However, within a very short time, Trinity realized this manual system's limitations and quickly began exploring alternatives.

The pivotal moment came when they discovered Edvisor. The versatility of Edvisor went beyond the initial expectations.

As Trinity embarked on the Edvisor journey with a primary focus on quotations, they discovered that the platform offered much more. It transcended its initial purpose, transforming into a comprehensive tool for day-to-day activities and making the prices of the schools' courses and their school information more dynamic and user-friendly.

Beyond managing reminders, Edvisor became a crucial asset for Trinity's daily management tasks, from setting reminders for various activities to checking invoices and ensuring timely student payments.

Mobile accessibility, particularly through platforms like WhatsApp, enhanced its utility by providing students convenient access to quotations when needed. 

Moreover, when the student receives the quotations from Edvisor, they can also view videos from the school and express preferences by giving a "like" to the quotation they find most appealing. This interactive feature adds a visually engaging dimension to the process, making it more enjoyable than a traditional spreadsheet.

Edvisor: A Key Player in Trinity's Success and Evolution

The seamless communication with Edvisor's support team added another layer of satisfaction to Trinity's experience. Along with the marketplace's streamlined insurance processes, this further elevates their overall client experience and operational effectiveness.

Trinity is totally on board with Edvisor. They openly admit that without Edvisor, Trinity's success would be a much more challenging effort.

According to Carol, Co-CEO of Trinity: "Edvisor emerged as the cornerstone of Trinity's success. I strongly recommend it to others, as it's been instrumental in maintaining our operations." 

In essence, Trinity's story is a testament to the power of collaboration, innovation, and the transformative impact of Edvisor on the landscape of student recruitment. As the agency continues to flourish, it stands as a beacon of success, with Edvisor playing a pivotal role in shaping its remarkable journey.