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Success Story

UNO-800: scaled operations with a streamlined workflow

Find out how the agents from UNO-800 were able to save time and make their processes more efficient by incorporating the right technology into their agency operations.

Get To Know UNO-800

UNO-800 is a student recruitment agency founded in Colombia in 1994. They sell English, French and diploma courses in 8 different countries and an Au Pair program that offers childcare in the United States. The main destination countries for their students are the United States and France. Beyond just selling programs, UNO-800 also handles the complete visa process associated with the selected programs.

“We are a Colombian study-program agency helping students find courses and programs to further their studies and knowledge.”

Loss of client information through manual data management methods

UNO-800 has been helping students and Au Pairs find opportunities abroad for over 20 years and although success drove their business growth, it became increasingly difficult to handle a high volume of clients. Agents spent countless hours chasing paperwork, scheduling reminders, and researching to find courses and accurate up-to-date program pricing.

Due to the lack of access to a platform that could organize documents and crucial information related to each student, pieces of important information got lost or overlooked and sometimes even forgotten. “Before Edvisor, we did not have a way to organize all client information in one place, as well as documents and visa photos. Also, we could not assign clients or tasks to the agents which we can now do in the Edvisor platform.”

The process of placing students and Au Pairs, finding courses, and managing paperwork was an uphill battle for the agents at UNO-800. Especially when it came to trying to personalize each student’s file, documents and quotations. UNO-800 searched for a better, more efficient, and digital way to manage their clients.

Access to digital management tools

UNO-800 partnered with Edvisor in 2015 and gained access to an all-in-one CRM interface. The agents in UNO-800’s team used every available resource in the Edvisor platform to manage their students efficiently and professionally. 

“We can add as many documents as we want, including photos and important information related to students. Being able to upload all the documents, photos of payments and visual information in each client file is necessary to keep organized. For example, for an Au Pair, we must upload the contract, each payment, and the visa photo, among others.”

Life changed overnight for the agents after implementing Edvisor’s tools into their workflow. Since gaining access to the search options in Edvisor’s platform, they have saved time and been able to access many available educator and program options right at their fingertips. 

The agents at UNO-800 simply go to their Edvisor platform and follow a few steps when searching for programs. After entering the desired search parameters the next screen populates with multiple educator options, available programs with accurate pricing and current market promotions. The agents have many other filter choices to find the exact products a particular student wants or needs.

Presenting the available packages to their clients is just as effortless for the UNO-800 agents. They check the boxes for the educators that fit the matching criteria and click “Start Quote”. 

UNO-800 agents connect the information from the search tool in the platform with their student’s profiles in the Edvisor CRM system. There they enter the due dates for payment, along with the correct language and currency used by each student, so the quotes make sense when their clients receive them via email.

The staff from UNO-800 especially loves how any quote can be edited for dates, accommodations, added fees, payment plans and necessary documents can be uploaded directly to the quotes. “What we like most is that we can add tasks and make invoices and also upload documents right in Edvisor. We upload the invoice when a customer pays and use the notes function to write comments from new prospects and enrolled clients.”

Edvisor is a valuable tool in UNO-800’s day-to-day business operations. The agents’ workflow is simplified and made more manageable through access to the digital student recruitment tools in Edvisor. The features available in the Edvisor platform ensure that all boxes are checked for UNO-800 and nothing gets forgotten. The agency looks forward to continued growth due to access to a digital management platform that streamlines its entire student management and booking operations.