Agency and Educator Perspectives on the Future of Student Recruitment


Marcela Amaral (1)

Marcela Amaral

Product Director, IE Intercâmbio

growpro_Goiko Llobet

Goiko Llobet

Co-Founder & CXO of GrowPro Experience

Tamsin Plaxton

Tamsin Plaxton

Founder, Tamwood

Max Ortega (2)

Max Ortega

Deputy Director of Mundo Joven

Lil Bremermann-Richard

Lil Bremermann-Richard

Group Chief Executive Officer, Oxford International Education Group


Nico Dowling

Director, Atlas Language School


Ben Delaney

Director of Schools Success at Edvisor

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In our previous Industry Leaders Panels, we heard the perspectives of agencies and educators on the future of student recruitment. This time, in our third and final installment of this panel series, we are bringing together both agency and school experts to share their opinions on the future of the international education industry.

Topics include commission rates and discounts, how trust affects agency-institution relationships, the importance of adapting to student demand, and much more! Find out what this panel of leading international education experts has to say!

We cover topics like:


Commission Rates and discounts

Following on from discussions in our previous panels - what does a more sustainable business model look like for our industry? Marketing contributions may not be as readily available - how will agents/educators adapt?


Trust between Agencies and Educators

As highlighted by both educators and agents in our previous events, trust is key to partnerships moving forward - how can you encourage trust with your partners and maintain a good working partnership?


Adapting to New Student Demand

The world has changed and so has the future of our industry - how are we adapting to the new demand and what can schools and agents do to work together towards the needs of the students?

About our Speakers

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