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Agency Perspectives on the Future of International Education


Maura Leão

Maura de Araujo Leão

CEO of Yázigi Travel and President of BELTA

Max Ortega

Max Ortega

Deputy Director of Mundo Joven

Pascal Carre

Pascal Carré

Manager Study Experience in Belgium, President of ABELI

Goiko Llobet

Goiko Llobet

Co-Founder & CXO of GrowPro Experience

Silvia Diaz Queipo-1

Silvia Diaz Queipo

General Manager of Language Kingdom


Ben Delaney

Director of Schools Success at Edvisor

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Join us and a panel of agency experts to discuss the future of the industry!

We talk about the lessons learned in 2020 and how the pandemic has changed the rules of the game. We will also discuss the role of new players in the industry, the future of e-commerce and online agencies, the challenge of educators recruiting b2c, and much more!


Queen's University School of English

The Queen's University School of English is situated in the beautiful and historic city of Kingston, Ontario, Canada. The safety, ease of access, strong sense of community, and expert instruction make the Queen's University School of English an ideal place to learn, explore, and create connections and opportunities that will last a lifetime.

What you’ll learn in this webinar


New rules of the game

Has 2020 changed the rules of the game? Will we see new players in the industry? Who will dominate student recruitment?


The future of online agencies

What will be the position of physical agencies and traditional businesses? What does the immediate future hold for online recruitment? Will we see more schools recruiting b2c?


Agents in University Recruitment

We are used to seeing agencies as a strong recruitment tool for language schools and colleges, but will agents become a key player in University Recruitment in 2021?

About our Speakers

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