Maximize your agent network through relationships, technology and data

Maximize your agent network through relationships, technology and data Mike Henniger

The inability for schools to travel during the coronavirus pandemic has meant greater reliance on agent networks to source students. But even before COVID-19, the way agents and schools worked together was changing. Increased competition and choice make it more difficult for schools to have their products stand out and maintain the strong relationships needed for success.

This webinar looks at how to create an agent-based recruitment strategy by using data-driven decision making that systemizes busy work and facilitates relationship building and branding on a large scale.It will explore how agents are expanding their portfolio of partners and what they need to prioritize schools. This session aims to present practical strategies that will help schools work more effectively with agents.



Mike Henniger

International education strategist and recruitment specialist

Mike Henniger is an international education professional with two decades of success and experience in the university, vocational and language training sectors.He has helped education institutions worldwide build their international student recruitment capabilities and is passionate about marketing, recruitment and student services. He is a global thought leader in international education and a prominent speaker at international education conferences and institutions globally.When it comes to global student mobility trends, the student journey, and how institutions can provide the best possible experience for international students, Mike delivers unique insight and results-driven expertise guaranteed to benefit any audience.

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