Digitize and distribute your pricing, promotions, and media in real-time.

Distribute your programs, promotions, and marketing media in real-time to your agency network and their websites.

Add Your Programs@3x

Ensure your offering is available in our universal course search, where agencies find and quote programs for their students.

Share your offering with students through the agencies' websites and the proposals they receive.

Share your programs with thousands of recruiters and students around the world

Enjoy 360° distribution of your pricing, promotions, and marketing information in one place. Make it available to thousands of students and recruiters quickly and easily.

Customize the way your brand is portrayed to students

Ensure that your agents are accurately representing your brand by creating an attractive profile with the most up to date descriptions and marketing materials.

Edvisor works as a brochure 2.0 - dynamic and paper-free.

Include images and videos - choose the ones that best showcase your brand identity!

Stand out amongst the competition by showing what you are best at.

Do you have a good nationality mix​? Showcase it in your profile!

Instantly share your pricing and up-to-the-minute market promotions.

Save time and effort by keeping your full network updated in real-time of price changes and new market promotions from one central source.

Update your market promotions with all partners at the click of a button.

Upload your price lists allowing users to quote in real-time

Work more efficiently by setting up rules to automatically adjust your pricing

Define all the pre-application information you need and receive it directly in your account

Allow agents and direct students to find, quote, and book your programs directly from your website.

Centralized booking management.

Simplify the way you receive applications and gather all the information from students and agents in a single system - whether they are sent from inside or outside Edvisor.

Grow and manage your business.

Connect with your current agents and discover new ones, grow into new markets, and access never-before-seen information on the behavior of your agencies and how they promote your programs

Discover new agencies and grow into new markets

Communicate with your partners through the system they use

Track the activity and business patterns of your connected network

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A CRM specifically designed for student recruitment. Use pipelines, tasks, triggers, and automations to streamline your sales process.

Search and quote your programs instantly!

With our E-Commerce plugin your website will be ready to generate qualified leads and bookings 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Looking to sell directly to students?

The all-in-one tool that makes it easy to recruit international students directly, helping at every step of the process.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can’t find the answer you are looking for? Reach out to our team!
Edvisor Distribute is designed as a universal tool for educators. Whether you are an individual private language school, a boarding school, a vocational college, a university group, or anything in between, Edvisor Distribute can help your sales operation!
You are responsible for the information within your Edvisor profile including the updating of pricing and marketing information - however, we do have a paid data management service that you can purchase at any time. Learn more about our fees and add-ons here.

That is ok! You can still accept applications from non-Edvisor using agents and work with them as you would normally. Our goal is to make your life easier across all your sales channels.  

Your costs for being on Edvisor are dependent on your needs and what features you use. Our team is on hand to help make sure you have the capabilities you are looking for and discuss our pricing plans! You can find more information on our plans here.

No. Edvisor is not involved in the commercial agreement that exists between you and your partners.

Edvisor Distribute is designed to help you connect and collaborate as you build and develop successful partnerships around the world. You can also use our Discovery tool to expand your network of agencies and Edvisor Messaging allows you to communicate with your partners directly on the platform. 


When you register for your Edvisor Distribute account you will be asked to agree to our terms and service. This Agreement governs your use of the platform and our provision of the service. For more details on our terms of service please click here. 

All companies working on Edvisor for Schools will be able to access and use their current system for the time being.

If you are already working with Edvisor, you can easily upgrade to the new Recruit and Distribute platforms, simply schedule a call with your Account Manager to learn more about how you can upgrade and begin enjoying the improved performance of Edvisor Recruit and Distribute.

Streamline your operations and start distributing your offering effortlessly.

Update your information in one place and put it in front of thousands of recruiters and students worldwide.